[NH] The benefits of meditation

Benefits Of Meditation for Health
In recent years the western world discovered a new science that can be
used as a handle on life is meditation. Previously there was the
presumption that links meditation with magic, science demons, etc.
Many people are afraid to learn meditation.
Now meditation was greeted with more enthusiasm after conducting
various researches and experiments prove

that meditation has a great advantage, namely the inner health and
physical health.

In research done by Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin by
using brain imaging engine makes it meditation on prefrontal cortex
activity shifted from the right to left. According to research by
meditating regularly, the brain changes from the opposition which
caused stress that led to the acceptance of nature were satisfied and
accepted. The explanation is that people who have negative traits tend
to use the right prefrontal area, whereas the left prefrontal is more
enthusiasm, a sense of attraction, more relaxed and happier though
less materialistic.

Other experiments conducted on advanced meditators actually has the
ability to recognize the mood in a series of facial expressions, which
switch at thirty-expression of a second. This capability exceeds the
capabilities of an expert in this field such as psychiatry and secret
intelligence agency.
Jon Kabatt-Zinn founded the Stress Reduction Clinic at the U Mass
Medical Center in 1979, has helped 14,000 people treat their pain
without medication, including cancer patients, AIDS, and diseases with
acute pain. Then he also studied patients who suffer from psoriasis,
the skin disease that has not found a cure. Treatment of this disease
causing stress in most patients. Kabatt Zinn meditation therapy to
reduce stress in patients exposed to UV light. In two experiments, the
skin of those who participate meditation 4 times faster than those who
do not skin meditation.

In another study, Zinn Kabatt with Richard Davidson to give an
injection of influenza in a new group of meditators studied and non-
meditators, to measure levels of antibodies in their blood. The result
of their meditation practice not only have more antibodies in the
fourth week and eighth week after injection, but they are more mental
activity has shifted more of the antibodies as well.

In 1967, Dr.Herbert Benson, a medical professor at Harvard Medical
School started the research on meditation. He clandestinely at night
enters 36 samatha meditators into laboratory to measure the speed of
heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and temperature of
rectum. After review, noted that:
On average they use oxygen 17% fewer
Lower heart pulse beats per minute 3
Theta waves (which usually appears before bed) emitted increases, but
not the same wavelength with the people who fell asleep.

From these studies can be seen that meditation is very beneficial for
mental health and physical health affects.
As it has also been known that many chronic diseases are caused by
induced stress, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc..
Stress also investigated lowered immune system, and cause health
disturbances other. Hence, also biases minimized stress, disease
trends must also be reduced.

Meditation itself is not emptying your mind, but concentration on one
object, such as traction and attention to breath, notice the color,

Meditation techniques performed in the above research is particularly
Vipassana meditation, which focuses attention and saw the form of pain
experienced, and trying to accept the pain rather than against it.

Meditation is not difficult but so beneficial to health. Have you
tried it?
Read more about meditation at


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