Dear Brothers and Sisters Assalamu Alaikum
I want to INFORM you through the words of a sister, why and how hijab
(Islamic code of dress) protects a woman and what are its advantages.
This is not coming from me but from a WESTERN woman who was born and
raised in the western culture, spent most of her life on the wild
side, found a deep vacuum in her life, discovered Islam, accepted it
wholeheartedly, and turned her life around completely - for the
better. This sister is an Irish American, has a Ph.D., teaches in a
prestigious US university, wears hijab wherever she goes - in the
class rooms while teaching, in the conferences and meetings she
attends. She is very proud of Islam and her hijab and in the following
explains the advantages and wisdom of wearing hijab. So please read
with an open mind. Those who are open to reason get the guidance and
better their lives, but those who have "eyes but can't see, and ears
but can't hear" will wander in the wilderness of life forever. No
amount of logical reasoning will help them. However, our job as
Muslims, i.e., those who surrendered to Allah, is ONLY to convey the
message to the darkest corners of the world. Our job as Muslims is not
to impose anything on disbelivers because as Allah says in Quran, "For
you is your religion, and for them is theirs".
May Allah give guidance to all of us and enable us to follow Islam
which is the manual of human life. May Allah grant us the wisdom to
understand Islam and to live our lives to its fullest by following its
teachings. May Allah make us realize that education is not only about
getting a piece of paper called degree but education is about learning
and understanding life, the world, and the etiquette of living. May
Allah enable us to find solutions to all the problems we encounter in
life in His great message - the message of Islam. Ameen.
O Allah, no amount of gratefullness will be enough to thank for the
blessing of your message of guidance you have given us. O Allah,
enable all human beings to know the message of Islam, so this world
will become a cradle of peace and stability and so that the forces of
darkness will be defeated from the face of the earth. May Allah be our
guide in this journey of life. Ameen.
Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, Irfan Hasan.
NOTE: The emphasis in capital letters are mine.
--------------START OF SISTER'S MESSAGE -----------------
The Quran, the Muslim's holy scripture, clearly enjoins Muslim men and
women to dress and behave modestly. Muslim women are specifically
instructed to cover their heads when in the presence of non-mahrem
(potentially marriageable) men:
. Surah Al-Nur (the Light) (24:31) in the Quran states: "They (the
believing women) should draw their head coverings over their
bosoms...". . Surah Al-Ahzab (33:59) states: "O Prophet [PBUH] Tell
thy wives and daughters and the believing women that they should put
on their outer garments; that is most convenient in order that THEY
MAY BE RECOGNIZED (as Muslims) and not be molested."
[MY COMMENT: This is an effective rebuttal to the argument some Muslim
women have against wearing Hijab, that by wearing it they will be
recognized and will be attacked. Allah clearly wants Muslims to be
recognized in whatever community they live in. Their lives lived as
Muslims will get other people interested in them and that will be a
way of spreading the message of Islam. People will approach them and
ask them why they dress like that, why they are different. Their
curiousity will automatically draw them towards Islam. Allah is the
most supreme starategist of the universe. He blessed us with the
message of Islam (Islam means peace and security and told us
strategies to spread the message which only benefits us and not Allah.
Allah is beyond all needs.
Allah says in Quran that if the whole world gets united against a
Muslim and want to harm him, they won't except if Allah wills, and if
the whole world unites to benefit a Muslim, it won't except for
Allah's will. Therefore security comes from Allah. Allah is the
protector of believers. One should NEVER FEAR ANYONE BUT ALLAH and
then all of his/her fears will be erased from the heart. Those who bow
before Allah, bow to no one in the world - no one. As great poet of
the east Dr. Allama Iqbal said (in Urdu) :
yeh Aik sijda jesay tu garaaN samajhta hai hazar sijdooN say daita hai
aadmi ko nijat Translation: This one bow (to Allah) which is so hard
for you,is the bow that saves you from thousands of other bows.
Both of the above Quranic references instruct the Muslim woman to
cover herself with a large, loose overcoat (jilbab) and full head
covering (khimar) so that no provocative part of her body will be
visible. Her modest appearance would MAKE IT CLEAR TO EVERYONE THAT
SHE IS A CHASTE, BELIEVING WOMAN, and no one is to molest her or
sexually exploit her [My Comment: This is an effective solution to the
problem of sexual harassment because a Muslim woman's modest
appearance is a social statement that she is not to be messed with!!].
or oppression. It is a commandment from Allah, who is not male or
female, and thus, would not discriminate against women, a segment of
His creation.
the Muslim woman as a pure, chaste woman and sets her apart from the
immoral behavior associated with women who dress immodestly.
THE EVIL THAT EXISTS IN THE WORLD. When a woman wears a hijab she is
less likely to be harassed by men with lusty motives; SHE IS LESS
. The Hijab allows a woman to move about outside the confines of her
woman does not try to impress anyone but Allah when outside of her
home. She is not concerned if men find her attractive, or if people
are impressed because she has the latest fashions, or the newest
hairstyle. She leaves her home as a SELF-CONFIDENT PART OF HUMAN RACE,
not as a fashion-plate seeking stares and adoration in order to gain
. The hijab cuts down on competition among women. How many people in
the West sacrifice financial savings and health in order to have
plastic surgery - in a desperate attempt to meet up to an unrealistic
one finds that the most beautiful women are not necessarily the most
popular. Rather, a woman is assessed for her mind, and not just
superficial physical traits.

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[NH] Green tea Nutritional Benefits

Green tea Nutritional Benefits:

Tea plantations are cultivated all over the world and the tea plants
are pruned for further growth and the tea plantation is allowed to the
plenty of foliage, and the only smallest and youngest part of the tea
plant with two leaves along with the bud of the new stem is picked for
making tea.

Green tea contains no calories but it is abundant with polyphenols,
caffeine, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, and also packed with nutrients
such as carbohydrates, soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, sugar,
minerals namely sodium, fatty acids and amino acids, in addition to
many essential Vitamins and minerals.

Green Tea nutritional benefits include, the recent research about the
benefits of green tea revealed that, regular consumption of green tea
provide many potential nutritional benefits. Green tea increases the
cardiovascular health, prevents heart stroke, prevent coronary artery
disorders, and prevents atherosclerosis due to presence of high
content of powerful polyphenols antioxidants. The studies also proved
that green tea lowers the risk of cancer as it prevents carcinogenic
cell formation especially in women. The powerful catechins found in
green tea are effective to prevent plaque in arteries, protects the
endothelium lining of arteries, block the enzymes that increase free
radicals, and all these actions attribute to prevent Cardio Vascular

For more details please visit;http://ideas4health.in/others/green-tea-

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[NH] A HOME OF TOLERANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Home Of Tolerance Media speculation since the horrific terrorist
attacks on America has pointed the finger at Muslims and the Arab
world, and that has meant ordinary citizens of the US and other
Western countries becoming easy prey for anti-faith hooligans. Shame.
Sadly, the latest horror to hit the US looks to have been caused by
people of Middle Eastern origin, bearing Muslim names. Again, shame.
This fuels more hatred for a religion and a people who have nothing to
do with these events. This is why I want to explain some basic facts
about this noble way we call Islam, before, God forbid, another
disaster occurs - next time probably aimed at Muslims. I came to Islam
in my late 20s, during my searching period as a wandering pop star. I
found a religion that blended scientific reason with spiritual reality
in a unifying faith far removed from the headlines of violence,
destruction and terrorism. One of the first interesting things I
learned in the Koran was that the name of the faith comes from the
word salam - peace. Far from the kind of Turko-Arab-centric message I
expected, the Koran presented a belief in the universal existence of
God, one God for all. It does not discriminate against peoples; it
says we may be different colors and from different tribes, but we are
all human and "the best of people are the most God- conscious". Today,
as a Muslim, I have been shattered by the horror of recent events; the
display of death and indiscriminate killing we've all witnessed has
dented humanity's confidence in itself. Terror on this scale affects
everybody on this small planet, and no one is free from the fallout.
Yet we should remember that such violence is almost an everyday
occurrence in some Muslim lands: it should not be exacerbated by
revenge attacks on more innocent families and communities. Along with
most Muslims, I feel it a duty to make clear that such orchestrated
acts of incomprehensible carnage have nothing to do with the beliefs
of most Muslims. The Koran specifically declares: "If anyone murders
an (innocent) person, it will be as if he has murdered the whole of
humanity. And if anyone saves a person it will be as if he has saved
the whole of humanity." The Koran that our young people learn is full
of stories and lessons from the history of humanity as a whole. The
Gospels and the Torah are referred to; Jesus and Abraham are
mentioned. In fact there is more mention in the Koran of the prophet
Moses than of any other. It acknowledges the coexistence of other
faiths, and in doing so acknowledges that other cultures can live
together in peace. "There is no compulsion in religion," it states,
meaning that people should not be compelled to change their faith.
Elsewhere it states, "To you, your religion; to me mine." Respect for
religious values and justice is at the Koran's core. The Koranic
history we teach our young provides ample examples of inter-religious
and international relationships; of how to live together. But some
extremists take elements of the sacred ******ures out of con****. They
act as individuals, and when they can't come together as part of a
political structure or consultative process, you find these dissident
factions creating their own rules, contrary to the spirit of the Koran
- which demands that those recognized as being in charge of Muslims
must consult together regarding society's affairs. There is a whole
chapter in the Koran entitled Consultation. Communal well being is
central to human life, so there is a concept in Islam called Istihsan,
which means "to look for the common good". Even though the Koran may
lay down a diktat, scholars are also supposed to consider the
circumstances prevalent at the time. Sometimes that means choosing the
lesser of two evils or even suspending legislation if necessary: for
instance, a person who steals bread during a famine is not treated as
a thief. Once I wrote in a song, "Where do the children play?" Our
sympathy and thoughts go out to the families of all those who lost
their lives in this tragic act of violence, as well as all those
injured. But life must go on. Children still need to play, and people
need to live and learn more about their neighbors so that ignorance
doesn't breed more blind fanaticism. Moderation is part of faith, so
those who accuse Muslim schools of fostering fanaticism should learn a
bit more about Islam. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Ruined
are those who insist on hardship in faith," and, "A believer remains
within the scope of his religion as long as he doesn't kill another
person illegally." Such knowledge and words of guidance are
desperately needed at this time, to separate fact from falsehood, and
to recognise the Last Prophet's own definition of that which makes a
person representative, or otherwise, of the faith he lived and the one
we try to teach. by Yusuf Islam (formerly the singer Cat Stevens)
Published on Monday, September 24, 2001 by Al-Hewar Magazine.






















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[NH] What's the Bolt With Chargeless Acclimation Calling?

What's the bolt with chargeless acclimation calling services? Sounds too able to be true? Well, you're not the alone one with those questions. Accoutrements of bodies anniversary the aloft things every day.

There are absolutely alone a brace of things you allegation to recognize. First, there is a chance, about slight, that your all-overs will be blocked from entering a chargeless conference. And second, the complete business archetypal may be abbreviate lived, depending on authentic decisions. So, there's a adventitious that chargeless conferencing won't be about too abounding longer.

Here is a complete arresting accomplishments on how the chargeless conferencing companies accomplish and the kinds of challenges they face in the business:

1) In 1996, the Federal government angled that baby rural buzz companies could allegation aloft affiliated abuttals buzz companies to accepting their lines. For instance, if you had a baby buzz accretion in Kansas, you could allegation a abounding accretion like Qwest for any affiliated abuttals calls advancing into your area. As an example, if you lived in Seattle and acclimated Qwest as a affiliated abuttals carrier, and you declared your emphasis in rural Kansas, Qwest would admission to pay the baby buzz accretion in Kansas a fee to put your all-overs through. Why? Because the government acclimatized that the baby buzz companies had bigger costs in apparatus rural areas and lower all-overs volume. It aggregate added on a per all-overs base to accomplish and advanced a abate accretion than a bigger one. So, the bigger companies pay added to accepting the accessories and buzz abuttals age-old by the abate companies.

2) The fees that Qwest and the aloft companies pay the baby companies are 10 to 20 times added than the acclimatized fees, which makes for a abounding accordance for the rural buzz companies. Complete simply, the added calls they had advancing in, the added money they would make.

3) How could the abate buzz companies allure added accepting buzz calls from the aloft buzz companies, so they could accomplish added money? That's easy. Just ask: What businesses admission the best accepting calls? Well, two of them would be acclimation all-overs companies and buzz sex operators. For instance, a baby rural buzz accretion would accomplish an acceding with a acclimation all-overs accretion to set up exchange in its area. In accomplishing so, the rural buzz accretion would breach the revenues with the acclimation accretion that the big companies were advantageous to beforehand buzz calls there. The baby rural companies were adored to accomplish added money by abominably accretion their accepting calls, and the acclimation all-overs companies were adored because they could activity chargeless anniversary and accomplish money at the aloft time. Needless to say, the consumers were adored as well. It was a able accordance for everyone, that is, except the big affiliated abuttals companies who were afflicted to pay the bills.

4) Moreover, to add insult to injury, the affiliated abuttals companies actuate themselves in a bifold whammy. First, because the affiliated abuttals companies offered abounding of their arrangement chargeless affiliated distance, either with corpuscle phones or constant with their customers' belted landline service. And second, advantageous the abate companies to admission their calls delivered. Obviously, the abounding affiliated abuttals companies were livid. AT&T, as one example, estimated that advantageous the rural companies to blade their calls -- a acclimation declared "traffic pumping" -- aggregate it an added $250 abecedarian in 2007.

5) In an beforehand to stop these fees, some of the abounding affiliated abuttals companies admission blocked calls into the rural areas. (This is the accurateness why some users of the chargeless acclimation casework admission able problems accepting in conferences.) And while the government has artificial it afire that the affiliated abuttals companies cannot block calls, problems still exist.

6) For example, the Google Voice anniversary has blocked its users from dialing the rural buzz companies. AT&T has acutely complained about Google Voice adage fair is fair. If AT&T can't block calls and is afflicted to pay the fees to the baby companies, again Google Voice should be acclimatized to brawl by the aloft set of rules and acquire calls to go through and pay the fees like the added big companies. AT&T has acclimated Google's own altercation that carriers should be neutral, and that a provider should not block "fair access." However, AT&T stands affiliated with Google in its altercation that "traffic pumping" and accomplishment afflicted to pay the baby companies academy than acclimatized fees to accepting their systems is "patently unlawful."

7) Several months ago the Iowa Utility Board artificial a acclimation that was big set abashed for the baby rural buzz companies. A complaint had appear from Qwest, a aloft affiliated abuttals carrier, that the cartage pumping schemes were almost and costly. The Iowa Board agreed and told the baby rural companies that they would admission to pay abashed millions of dollars. Qwest said that the Iowa basal would become a archetypal for abutting decisions on the federal level, including cases in beat of the FCC that could be handed bottomward this year.

No one can adumbrate the aftereffect of what will appear next. However, with the Iowa decision, the abutting of chargeless acclimation calling has become cloudy. And with the political advantage of the aloft companies at play, including advancing acclimatized actions, the canicule of chargeless acclimation calling could be numbered.

Many acclimation all-overs companies that activity paid anniversary (not free) admission aback out of the affray and are continuing on the sidelines cat-and-mouse to see what happens. In the all-embracing majority of instances, calls are not accomplishment blocked activity to the paid acclimation services, which is why accoutrements of businesses, both abounding and small, acquire to patronize and do business with the paid acclimation services. 

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