[NH] Hypertension, the Worst Problem!

Being a doctor I understand how people are facing health problems that
could be either genetically or due to their life styles. There are
many diseases and disorders that world is facing today.

One day, one of my regular patients named Ema Jenner came to me for
her regular follow-up with a complaint. She said, "Doctor I am feeling
very uncomfortable these days with headache and drowsiness". When I
checked her blood pressure, it was 170/90 mm Hg, where as the normal
blood pressure range should be 120/80 mm Hg.

Majority of cases are of hypertension all over the world, then I
examined her and asked her about diet chart. She said" I have
increased my salt intake since so many days", so I advised her to
reduce her salt intake as well as consult a dietician for diet chart.

There are different types of anti-hypertensive drugs which are being
used to lower the blood pressure in hypertensive. According to the WHO-
ISH guidelines (1999), hypertension is defined to be 140 mm Hg
systolic and 90mmHg diastolic, though risk appears to increase even
above 120/80mmHg.studies have confirmed that higher the pressure,
greater is the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Read more: http://www.educopark.com/life-lessons/view/hypertension-the-worst-problem

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