[NH] Boost your Libido Naturally

Boost your Libido! by Carine Jacques Lafrance, Naturopathic Doctor

If you've been experiencing low libido, you are not alone. Erectile
dysfunction affects 30 million American men and one-third of American
males between the ages of 40 and 70. According to a 1999 report in the
Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% of women reported
having some kind of sexual dissatisfaction; about one-third of them
specifically reported low sexual desire. Here are two important tips
for boosting your libido:

1) Eat well – Adding healthy foods to your menu can have powerful
benefits on your libido. A healthy diet full of nutrients and
antioxidants also has many other health benefits.

2) Exercise regularly - Exercise improves energy and circulation, and
helps you feel good about yourself! And when you feel good about
yourself, you feel sexy.

You're probably thinking, "Can diet and exercise really affect my
libido?" Yes they can. Nutrition plays a role in desire and exercise
can come into play when it comes to energy levels. Eating a large
plate of pasta for dinner won't make you feel sexy, but will more
likely put you to sleep. Balance your meals with energy-producing
proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. Adding healthy foods to your
diet could help increase your sex-drive, especially those foods that
are considered aphrodisiacs, like almonds, avocadoes, chili peppers,
oysters, figs, nutmeg, asparagus, and chocolate. Oysters get their
love-inducing reputation because they contain antioxidants and trace
elements like zinc, essential for good sexual functioning. Exercise
improves energy and circulation, and helps you feel good about
yourself. Anything that improves self-esteem will improve libido.
Moderate regular exercise also improves blood flow to the sexual
organs and helps prevent certain chronic diseases.

Other tips to improve your libido:
• Get enough sleep – If you've been missing out on sleep, your body
only wants one thing once it comes in contact with those comfortable
• Manage your stress – If you're stressed and tired, you're less
likely to be "in the mood". Use different stress management techniques
to improve your overall health.
• Communicate with your partner – Perhaps the most important thing to
do. Enjoy the time you spend together as a couple and relax…
• Drink in moderation - One drink may help you feel more at ease, but
beware because alcohol is a depressant.

Certain medical conditions could also be causing a decrease in libido,
so it could be important to discuss your symptoms with your health
care provider. Any condition that interferes with hormone production,
mood, or energy levels can have an effect on libido. Whether it is
diabetes, certain heart conditions, depression or menopause, your
naturopathic doctor can help you address them! Libido is much more
than sexual desire – a balanced lifestyle can help you perform in many
areas of your life!

Carine Jacques Lafrance offers naturopathic family health care at
Ezentials Natural Health Centre & Spa in Hanmer, Ontario. Visit
http://www.ezentials.ca for health articles, online shopping and more.

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