[NH] The Ultimate Solution – Part II

Weight Management Commitment

Our society is focused on weight goals as an appearance matter and I support that if it is a healthy incentive, however simply to look good may not be the best reason. Rather, you might want to consider maintaining a HEALTHY weight as a goal. The reason so many people fail at dieting are numerous and before you can expect to achieve safe and successful weight loss there are a number of factors you need to be aware of:

Factor #1

Many diets fail because they take away the simple joy of eating, or are too restrictive for today's lifestyle. We need to develop dietary habits that will serve us well all the time.

Factor #2

Losing weight by dieting or a is by no means a cure all. We've all been bombarded by numerous weight loss TV infomercials which claim to be the answer for your weight loss dilemma. This has left many consumers confused on what is the best product to buy. In the final analysis of it all, there is no "magic pill" that's going to solve our over weight problem. The solution lies in the implementation of a clearly thought-out weight management program.

Factor #3

If you've been eating badly for a long time, you become addicted to the bad foods (fats, sugar and salt). When you put them in certain combinations they work on the heroin or morphine centers of the brain.

Factor #4

If you've established the goal of losing weight and improving your health for a better quality of life you must first re-program your brain. Remove any trauma, stress and those elements that are interfering with your quality of life. Its a proven fact that our thinking affects our quality of life. Is it any surprise that many of us have developed bad behaviors and addictions?

Factor #5

In order to successfully deal with an obese condition, our brain must be brought under control. With eating, the reward system part of our brain places a strong influence on our healthy and unhealthy food choices. There's often a compelling desire to have the freedom and pleasure to enjoy those fattening, savory, and unhealthy foods which will eventually get us into a poor state of health. When this happens with some people, that can trigger the addictive process, and fortunately for others they have the willpower to overcome their emotion and desire for that which is not good for our body.

Factor #6

When it comes to the question of whats controlling our hunger and cravings, the first signal we experience is either a pain or noise from our stomach, however the stomach is not the bodies main computer. Usually, the noise or pain from the stomach will eventually disappear after a while. So, the thing that tells you that you're hungry is your brain where the executive part of your brain tells you to eat. This is where we're put to the test of choosing whats healthy or unhealthy for us to eat. The choice we make has a lot to do with the benefits and consequences we take into account when making the final decision.

Factor #7

Most of us would like to believe that our willpower is stronger than our emotion and desire, but the thing that determines which is strongest is dependent on the health level of our brain. A damaged or weak, malnourished brain will undoubtedly make poor choices and decisions. The usual systems that we deploy to decide and affect volition actually get usurped by the distorted drive systems (addiction). So, you start thinking and feeling the wrong things and our brain fools the thought process.

Factor #8

Often our brain will convince us that eating poorly and bad unhealthy foods will make us feel better, but in truth, only temporarily. When we become a slave to this thought process and repeatedly follow it, the disease of addition sets in and this explains how obesity has become a national epidemic. Our brain fools our thinking and tells us to go ahead and let yourself enjoy those rich and fattening foods . We'll worry about the consequences later. When the consequences of making those poor choices come calling, it will usually lead us into a state of despair, depression and for many, a fatal health condition. You're sadly left with a poor quality of life.

Factor #9

If you don't eat breakfast, you're going to make bad decisions about food throughout the day. If you don't get the required rest and sleep, there's a much lower blood flow to your brain. What we eat and consume has a lot to do with our health and quality of life. There's a saying you may have heard a number of times over your life that is very true. "You are what you eat." Another one I'm particularly fond of is, "As a man thinketh, so is he." There is a tremendous power we have located in the pre-frontal part of our brain. The ability to bring forth this untapped power can create genius and the highest level of human control.

Factor #10

Any diet is destined to fail without a larger influence placed on exercise that increases the heart rate. By exercising, you are burning fuel, which is what excess weight should be considered. There is a simple dictum that says, "You must burn more calories each day than you bring in." I know it is not as easy as that, but it does highlight the crucial role that exercise plays in your health regimen.Since we are all different in our body types, health conditions and concerns, likes and dislikes, we should each consider the exercise program that we will continue to do! Cardiovascular exercise can include a multitude of various regimens, including walking, running, aerobics, pilates, yoga, martial arts, swimming or skiing. I also include strength training as an important part of a an exercise program. BUT ...if you can do nothing else, try to get out and take a brisk walk every day. Studies show that a 30- to 45-minute walk each day can do wonders for our heart and can help you immensely in your weight control simply because it helps you to burn calories. Remember, the hardest part of an exercise program is making it out of the front door! "Once you head out to work, it does get easier."

Wishing You Life's Best, 
Paul T Sidney

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