[NH] Islam in Fair Western Eyes 1

Islam in Fair Western Eyes 1

Islam in Fair Western Eyes Dr. Abdulmutti Al-Dalaty In this article I
continue what I have began in ''The Holy Quraan In Fair Western
Eyes'', and I ask the respectful reader to review the introduction of
that article. Sarugen Naido says:" Islam was existing while prayer
time, in the mosque, and in the battle field while Muslims were
fighting side by side. While the prince and the poor were bowing and
kneeling shoulder by shoulder, the justice of islam was laid 5 times a
day. I was attracted several times by the unity of Islam that never
divide and that make a man a brother of the other man…"(1) And Prince
Charles says:" Islam can teach us a way of living and understanding in
the world, the thing that the Christianity have lost, Islam refuses
division between the man and nature, religion and science and between
mind and material"(2) The German Orientalist Zegrid Honkeh" there is
no compulsion in religion, that what quraan orders, Arab never force
the defeated nations to convert in Islam, So with out any force to
enter Islam the believers of Christianity increasingly disappeared as
the disappearing of the ice , as when the sun rise it worms it ! as
the flower trends .towards light searching for more life , that's way
humans trends., even those who remains on their religion, to the
Conqueror "(3) : Jostaf Lopond says in the Islamic modernization All
what in Islam calls to goodness and reforms, Goodness is the
believer's song, and that what I call the Christians for" The
Orientalist Paul de Rakla : "Islam is proud enough by denying the rule
that states "no peace outside the church" that many people are
boasting by these days, Islam is the only religion that established,
by its high virtues, many obstacles against nations leanings towards
bawdry and immorality."(4) Islam is the religion of tolerance: Brthmly
saint Hillar : "the call for monotheism that held by Islam , abided
humanity from the former ages paganism "(5) Counte herry de castry: "
I'v learned the Christians history in the Islamic world, and I
realized very brightly that the Muslim treatment towards Christians is
a proof of their kind companionship ,and that feeling never effect
Muslims ,we never see Islamic religious assembly or preachers walks
behind the fighting armies forcing nations to believe"(6) Gotha shows
the countenance of that forgiveness in his book Muslims Virtues :" for
truth I say : that the Muslim's forgiveness is not out of weakness,
but the Muslim forgives with his proud of his religion , and holding
of his faith" Hanutue confirms his admiration to the greatness of the
Islamic forgiveness by saying:'' we owe to Muslims ,justice, peace,
religious simplicity, and our duty is to learn that religion and work
hard to understand it. And we should take( there is no compulsion in
religion).as our motto"(7) Lean Paul the orientlist says :" at the
time the religious segregation reaches its highest levels Islam came
to say" you have your own religion and we have our own" that was the
real surprise to the human community that has never known the
religious freedom, and maybe never know it till today" (8) Islam the
Humans refuge Arthur Hamelton says:'' If man be a seeker of truth
surly they will believe that Islam is the only solution to humanity
problems"(9) The Law professor Marcille Buazar confirms that meaning
by saying:" the entrance of Islam to the international field , and
putting things in its right places by practicing the asked parlaying,
is not only an active participation , but also a rescue for the
destroying situation of humanity" Bernard Shaw the philosopher says:
"Islam is the only religion that we can find the whole goodness of
other religions in it but we can not fine whole goodness in other
religions! Islam always have been in the place of my appreciation,
because it is the only religion that has the gift of digesting
different life stages, and has the ability to attract hearts over the
years(10), Islam proved since its first appearance that it is the
religion of all races , for it combine Solemn the Persian , Belal the
Abyssin and Suhaib the Roman and all milted in one pot"(11) France
poet Lamar tine says:" Islam is the only religion that can fulfill the
needs of the soul and the body at the same time, without exposing
Muslim to conscience reproach ,,,and it is the only religion that it's
worships has no relations with images and pictures, and it is the
highest gift from the creator to humane "(12) 1. Islam idealism by
Sarugene Naido (169). 2. Islam and the West Prince Charles speech in
oxford institution for Islamic studies.1993 3. God's Sun Shines on the
West Zegrid Honkeh (364-366). 4. Mugademat alulum wa almanaheej by
Anwar Al-jendy (8\133). 5. ibid 6. from zealotry and forgiveness
between Islam and Christianity by Mohammed Al-Ghazali.(194-196) 7.
from Islam and Christianity with science and civilization by Mohammed
Abduh ,a valuable book we advice to read it. 8. from Islam by dr,Ahmed
Shalaby(296) 9. Mohammed in the fair international arts by Mohammed
Uhman(62) 10. a call for work 11. from Islam by dr,Ahmed Shalaby (294)
12. Travelling to the Orient By Lamar tine (47).

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