[NH] Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Looks like a Cigarette. Feels like a Cigarette. Tastes like a

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes look, taste and feel like
traditional cigarettes, only without the offensive smoke odor,
lingering ash and endless cigarette butts. They emit a rich, fresh
vapor instead of cigarette smoke, allowing you to smoke in many places
where traditional cigarettes are banned.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes resemble traditional cigarettes, but
run on rechargeable
batteries with no need to light up. Our e-cigarettes are made of two
parts - the rechargeable
battery and the disposable nicotine cartomizer.

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5% off Discount Code: disc5-24704

To use this exclusive promotional code, simply visit http://www.greensmoke.com/24704
and input the appropriate coupon in the field marked " Promo Code "
during checkout.

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