[NH] Islam in Fair Western Eyes 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Islam in Fair Western Eyes 2

Islam in Fair Western Eyes 2 Islam is the religion of monotheism and
Fitrah: The just Norwegian orientalist doctor Erening Berg: "In Islam
each child is born in a state of "Fitrah, as for the Christians they
consider it as born bearing the sin>Before one hundred years ago they
used to sink their children in water so as to purify them from the sin
and if they died before butting them in the water they would not bury
them but would throw them in the trash instead due to the reason that
they are not sinless free"(1) The literate Mai Ziadah says:
"Christianity is more likely close to theories and on the contrary
Islam is both theoretical and practicipale (2)….and the soul would not
be satisfied except in the east aroma and the echoing sounds driven
from the highly minarets repeating (There is no God but Allah)" (3)
The orientalist Rom Landro says: "The monotheism testimony is so
lively that it sticks out with one blow the idolatrous tree…A Muslim
is blessed with security and safety because he can reach his highly
model here on the earth….Islam is practicipale religion and simple
one….Islam is a monotheist religion on a certain basic that is not
open to question, realistic and includes every thing on full-scale"(4)
Islam the religion of brotherhood and equality: The dean of
Prognosticating Studies in America (Salaib) in his book (A Muslim
facing Future): "Converted person to Islam may pray next to his
teacher, and the brotherhood in Islam is not just religious but even
social….Islam does not draw a separate line between a white or a black
person" The historian Arnold Twainbye in the (Historian Knowledge …..)
"I call upon the world to take the Islamic principals of equality and
fraternization. The monotheism ideology brought by Islam is among the
greatest example on the uniting the world. In the existence of Islam
lies hope for the whole world" The historian Wiles says in the (Marks
of the Humanity History0: "Islam is filled with the spirit of
brotherhood and kindness. Its ideology is rather easy to understand.
Muhammad has delivered it to the hearts without a single enigmatical
lie" Islam is the religion of power and will strength: The historian
Wel Diorant says: "There is no religion has ever called its followers
to maintain strength in the history except Islam and there is also no
religion that has obligated on the rich what Islam has in the taxes
giving to support the poor"(5) The historian Montgomery Watt says in
the (Islam and the United Community): "The secret of strength in Islam
lies in giving the person a scale for life which is the scale for free
conscience, and bestowing the concept of the "nation" on the Islamic
community. This concept, which Islam is the only religion that assured
it, still works as an overflowing stream of faith and make the Muslims
unit in one nation which dissolves the barriers of sects and
languages" The famous actor Antoni Queen says: "I have felt Islam as
unusual power after acting the rule of Omar Al-Muktar!!" "I've said:
How could it not feel in such way when he reads the martyr Omar Al-
Muktar before his execution : (If my weapon breaks down, the false
would not break down my right) " The historian Cropper says in (The
Nature of Culture): "Islam has spread in the world in a short time as
the Sun's ray may spread in seconds….His spreading was an evident on
the highly morals, principals, goals and obligations. Such principals
still flow with light, proselytizing, knowledge and understanding"(6)
Gottah says: "Ive studied the history of religions for the past fifty
years ago and the ideology that Islam calls for caused the greatest
astonishment!! It is based on the belief that a human being would not
encounter anything unless Allah has wished so and there isn't a thing
which could spoil it, and no one would ever walk pass it….Islam is the
religion that we will avow to sooner or later…..And I would not mind
being called a Muslim"(7) I would end these fabulous lines from
Gootah's book called (The Oriental Book for the Western Poet) and I
would like to dedicate them to the families of the Palestinian Martyrs
and to every Muslim. Gottah says: "Do not morn on the martyrs because
the doors of the heavens have been opened for them. They are now
knocking them and entering the heaven in peace….gazing among the
extraordinary beauty like what the eye's of the prophet has laid upon
on the night of Al-Meraj. In the Paradise the flock of Al-Hoor Al-Ean
precedes on the breezes winds. So enjoy thy martyr! Being a hero is
beyond discussion or you would not being among the. But what sort of
hero are you? They will soon know when they see the wounds that have
been carved on your chest, its color is red but the sell is Mu'sk….The
wealth is perishing and only that stab of a believer will stay….They
are gently calling to the drink of blissfulness, it's the Raheek Al-
Maqtoom. You are an eager demand for them so enjoy this clarity which
could not have a match!" When the pen of Gottah reaches here he wishes
for the mercy of Allah to enter Paradise like Muslims. A Hooriah stops
him and says: "I'm the one in charged of the door of blissfulness Not
knowing what to do having you here Are you among the Muslims? Or a
martyr? To belief you let me see the wound If you will be fare"
Gottah: "Let me in the heavens I've lived like a man as a martyr I've
worked among the works My name glowed in the hearts of believers... If
Islam meant to surrender to Allah So we shall live and die in Islam"
From a book called "I have won Muhammad yet Did not lose the
Christ"[ P.S The names of the writers and books may vary in the
spelling and they are merely a plying of a translator. (1)From the
book called "Interlocutions with non Muslim Europeans" Dr. Abdullah Al-
Ahdel (164) (2) From the book called "Equality" Mai Ziadah (3) (4)
From the book called "Islam and the Arabs" Rom Landro (48-52-210)
(5)His Encyclopedia "The Civilization Story" (388) (6)The historian
Cropper "The Nature of Culture" (7)Catrina Momzen "Gotta and the
Arabic World" (8)"The Oriental Book for the Western Poet" For the
German's poet Gottah (128 – 130 – 131)

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