[NH] Video: press months America tells the story of the assault and rape in the field of sexual liberation

Newspaper Gospels this news on 30 \ 10 \ 2011 as shown in the video press U.S. claims Lara Logan she tells the story of an ugly confirming their vulnerability to sexual harassment and sexual assault in the heart of Tahrir Square on 11 Cypraar where she works for the Lara station in U.S. news called (CB S), a station news giant Troy and incident coverage of the field of editing and the events of the Egyptian revolution, while subjected to harassment, rape, sexual and this Awaqah tell Lara after months of the incident and of course can not be substantiated and can not be the work of analyzing the DNA to prove the incident or take a sample of the subject of rape so as to indicate the extent of making sure from lying or telling the truth and confirm newspaper Gospels we do not know if rape occurred or not, but I got Lara on February 11 to cover the events of Liberation Watch the video from here


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