[NH] Ginkgo biloba Medicinal Uses

Ginkgo biloba Medicinal Uses:

Ginkgo Biloba trees are supposed to be originated from Japan and
China, and the leaves are used in traditional medicine by Chinese
Herbal Medicos for the treatment of various health ailments, as herbal
remedy. Ginkgo biloba trees are grown and found in other parts of the
world and especially South Carolina is supposed to have the largest
plantation of Ginkgo biloba trees. These trees are very ancient and
grow to the height of nearly thirty meters. Ginkgo biloba tree is
otherwise called as maidenhair tree and its leaves are only used for
medicinal purpose, and the fruits and nuts of the tree are not used
for the same.

Ginkgo biloba leaves mainly comprise of flavanoids such as
ginkgolides, glycosides, bilobalides, and terpenoids, which actually
posses curative properties to heal the various health ailments. Ginkgo
nuts comprise only three percent of fats, and enriched with niacin,
proteins and carbohydrates, and consists the chemical substances like
ginnol, and ginkgolic acid, which posses antibacterial and antifungal
and fungal properties and used to treat the same. Ginkgo biloba leaves
contain almost 25% to 30% flavanoids and 5% to 12% terpenoids. Ginkgo
biloba leaves extracts are available in the market in the form of
tablets, capsules and extracts (GBE). Dried ginkgo leaves are used for
the preparation of ginkgo tea.

Ginkgo biloba medicinal uses; as these leaves contain flavanoids like
bilobalides and ginkgolides, which improves the blood circulation and
helps to increase oxygen supply through blood vessels to the nervous
system and brain. It also improves the function of vascular system,
thereby used to treat erectile dysfunction, and also prevents memory
loss or dementia, and prevents Alzheimer's disease. The glycosides
found in ginkgo biloba extracts, with its antioxidant properties,
clears of free scavenging oxygen radicals, thereby improving
cardiovascular and heart health, preventing CAD disorders, heart

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