[NH] Data entry outsource

Hello everyone,

We have a good team for DATA ENTRY purpose; we can help you in:

- Extracting data from websites like name, email, address, phone etc
- Move data from one website to another along with images (if
structures of both website are identical or at-least matching)
- Upload product catalog from excel/csv files to your website
- Copy all posts from your desired blogs or forums
- Contacting thousands of contacts through gmail account with their
names mentioned in every email.
- Posting your company introduction at 1000 google groups.

There are thousands of places where you require data entry/extraction
assistance, though it is an easy process but require lots of time
which usually we don't have. For all those tasks, contact us. We offer
fair charges for hourly, daily or project-wise.

Kindly reply back to this email instead of replying the post or do
both activities at same time to let us know directly.

Best regards,

John Bass
Smith Enterprises

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