[NH] Stop Constipation! Live with a clean and healthy tummy.

Stop Constipation! Live with a clean and healthy tummy.

                Filipino's intake of vegetables and fruits have gone down over a decades. Some says it is because of their busy schedule that they can not able to prepare a healthy food for their family. It is practical to eat outside or buy instant foods to save time. Other says it is because they cannot afford to buy enough amounts of vegetable and fruits for the whole family. According to survey's 80% of Filipino population do not take 3 servings or more of vegetables and fruits in their diet.

                Do you know that low intake of vegetable and fruits are among the top 10 risk factors for global mortality? Can you sacrifice your family's health?

Lack of vegetables and fruits in the diet and no regular exercise lead to constipation, and constipation may lead to other serious diseases like cancer.

                So, what are the vitamins we need to be able to avoid constipation and to keep one's body healthy?

                It is a waste taking vitamins and minerals if your body wasn't able to absorb the nutrients from the food or food supplements you take. You need to cleanse your intestines to be able to your system to properly digest food and absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat.

                One of the major causes of improper digestion is constipation. You need enough fiber to be able to live with a healthy tummy.

                Constipation is one of the major health problems of the Filipinos. Even young children are experiencing the signs of constipation as follows; No daily bowel movement, hard stool, feeling of incomplete evacuation, strain excessively during evacuation and needs to use manual maneuvers to be able to excrete body waste. Normally, a healthy person should excrete body waste once or more per day.

                Prolonged constipation causes fermentation inside your body and produces toxins. These toxins induce pathogenesis of colon for a greater chance of having cancer.

                So, why suffer from constipation and improper digestion of foods?

                Stop constipation! Live your life with a clean and healthy tummy!

                Visit www.more.com.ph to know how can you avoid or stop constipation.

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