[NH] Medicinal Uses of Chamomile

Medicinal Uses of Chamomile;

Chamomile is one of the popular medicinal herb, belongs to the plant
family daisy, which is very beneficial for health. Fresh and dried
flowers of Chamomile herb are used to prepare chamomile tea, that cure
various health ailments, and it is being practiced by the
Complementary Health Alternative Professionals to treat the same since
long back ago. Even now, chamomile tea and chamomile oil are used by
them to treat different health disorders.

Chamomile herb and flowers consist of vital oil known as bisabolol
that acts against microbes, bacteria, irritation and inflammation.
Chamomile oil is used externally and internally for the treatment of
health disorders. Chamomile tea is also recommended to treat the
various health ailments.

Medicinal uses of Chamomile include; Chamomile tea provides good
sleep, when it is taken before one hour of bed time, thereby it
prevents insomnia. Due to the presence of anti inflammatory and anti
spasmodic properties, chamomile tea cures intestinal and stomach
cramps and produce soothing effect on gastro-intestinal system, if it
is taken twice a day. Chamomile tea is known to regulate bowel
movements, provides relief from Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and as
such prevents constipation. Chamomile tea provides great relief from
migraines, headaches.

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