[NH] Benefits of Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C or otherwise known as Ascorbic acid, which is one of the
essential micronutrient, required for us to prevent many health
disorders and it plays significant role for providing various health
benefits. It acts as antioxidant and soluble in water. Vitamin C is
naturally available from fruits and vegetables and the same is well
absorbed from dietary sources. An approximate value of 60 mg of
ascorbic acid is recommended dietary source per day for us and the
safe dosage is up to 2000 mg per day.

Enhanced risk of heart disorder, shortage of life span, development of
early cataract disorder, abnormal growth of collagen cell formation
that leads to poor development of bones and teeth, risk of scurvy
disease, clotting of blood, and formation of marks on skin are some of
the symptoms associated with deficiency of Vitamin C.

Sources of Vitamin C; Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is found in
vegetables such as collard greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet
potato, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes. Cranberries, strawberries,
raspberries, watermelon, grapefruits, grapes, cantaloupes, lemons,
oranges, kiwi fruits, red peppers, green peppers are good source for
Vitamin C. Some of these fruits and vegetables could be tried to
supplement Vitamin C in the regular diet.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C; proteins are well synthesized due to its
antioxidant property and it promotes the absorption of Iron, and it
helps for changing proteins into amino acids. Vitamin C provides
strength to cell walls and capillaries, blood vessels and plays
important role for formation of collagen tissues. Ascorbic acid
promotes the health of ligaments and tendons and heals wounds. Vitamin
C also improves the health of bones and teeth, strengthens cartilage
tissue, and strengthens blood vessels and muscles. Vitamin C is very
effective for blocking the nitrosamines that causes cancer in
intestine and stomach.

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