[NH] Tocopherol Sources and Benefits

Tocopherol Sources and Benefits;

Tocopherol is another name of Vitamin E and it is one of the best
antioxidant. Vitamin E is available in plant based foods naturally.
Vitamin E is found in two different forms such as tocopherols and
tocotrienols. To obtain Vitamin E from natural foods is considered as
best for health. Approximately, the intake of 15 mg of Vitamin E is
sufficient for adults per day as per Nutritionists.

Here we discuss tocopherol sources and benefits; the fresh fruits such
as kiwi, papaya, avocados, are very rich in Vitamin E or tocopherol
and leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, mustard greens,
collard greens, swiss chard, red bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes,
asparagus, are good source for the same. Vitamin E is found in good
proportions in almonds, pine nuts, hazel nuts, walnuts, pistachios,
cashew nuts and peanuts. Sunflower seeds are also very rich in
tocopherols or Vitamin E. Vegetables oils such as sunflower oil,
cottonseed oil and olive oil are also good source of Vitamin E.Cereals
such as, whole wheat, brown rice, whole grains contain rich content of
Vitamin E. Wheat germ oil is also good source of tocopherol.

Health benefits of Vitamin E are obtained by its antioxidant
properties. Vitamin E is one of the most essential micro nutrients for
keeping good health. Vitamin E is helpful for eliminating free oxygen
radicals and helpful to make blood thinner thereby preventing blood
clots and clumping of blood platelets. Vitamin E substantially lowers
the risk of sunstroke, and prevents heart stroke. It also reduces the
risk coronary arterial disorders by lowering levels of bad or LDL
cholesterol. Vitamin E is also likely to prevent hepatitis,
osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia.

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