[NH] Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga Health Benefits:

Yoga and meditation had been practiced by the ancient Indian
Philosophers and sages since time immemorial, and the same is made
known to the society for its immense health benefits both for physical
and mental health. In ancient times, yoga was practiced to enlighten
the people spiritually, but in contemporary times, yoga is being
practiced for physical fitness and to manage stress, and to keep blood
pressure at normal levels. The Practice of Yoga and meditation is
becoming more and more popular for its amazing health benefits all
over the world especially in Western countries like USA, and in Asian
Countries including India.

In the system of Yoga, our ancient sages and present yoga experts
advise and explain structured postures that is linked with breathing
exercises, like pranayama (control of breathing exercises), and other
physical postures or asanas like, sitting asana, lying asana, upside
down or inverted pose, and standing asana. The recent research proved
that regular and routine practice of yoga improves physical health,
provides relief from stress and augments the feeling of happiness in
the people. Breathing exercises of Yoga unites the mind and body, and
provides sense of wellbeing and also increases spirituality.

Let us discuss some of its yoga health benefits; routine and regular
practice of yoga increases all round fitness. Isometric asanas
improves heart health, keeps blood pressure normal, improves blood
circulation, and increase the health of cardiovascular arteries.
Pranayama or breathing exercises improve the health of respiratory
system and improve the process of digestion. Practice of many physical
postures, such as stretching exercises reduce pressure, increase
flexibility of muscles and ease tension. The postures like weight
bearing exercises provide relief from osteoporosis and ease muscle and
skeletal pain.

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