[NH] How to get benefits of Korean Automatic Thermal Massage Beds of Migun at lower prices?

We people are already familiar with so many therapeutic benefits by the use of jade thermal massage beds from korean companies like vigen. These automatic thermal devices whether half body, full body or manual spine thermal devices are the best option for miraculous therapeutic benefits at home with ease of use. These Korean technique thermal massage beds works on the basis of production of deep penetrating FIR (Far Infrared) rays with the help of heated jade or tourmaline or even man made hyegia stones. But these devices from such branded companies costs a lot and does not fit everyone's pockets. Keeping this in mind, Carefit India has launched the most awaited automatic thermal massage bed for home use at wholesale prices with the same originality of jade, tourmanium or hygeia stones along with same health benefits but more functions as that of migun therapi. Carefit automatic massage beds starts with a price tag of almost half as compared to the top leading companies. All the Carefit Automatic Beds comes with FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN RAJASTHAN, FREE INSTALLATION & ONSITE WARRANTY SERVICES FOR FULL ONE YEAR.. You just need to order the bed of your choice in our Carefit India website & the bed will reach to your door step within a stipulated time period. These Carefit machines are similar and some models are even more feature rich than others in the market.

One such rolling massage bed is CAREFIT-4000 (similar to Ceragem RL-1 bed) that is equipped with fully automatic jade rollers for spine therapy and a set of 165 tourmanium stones sheet on the leg for deep peneteration by far infrared rays. There are 3 automatic therapy modes and 1 manual mode in this bed. The bed also comes with 2 external jade heaters. One external jade heater is a 3 ball therapy device and the other is a 9 ball therapy device. 9 Ball therapy device can also be used by other person for manual therapy or upper body parts. In this way, 2 persons can simultaneously use this bed at their own convenience. Carefit-4000 is more advanced in terms of its additional carbon fiber panels inside the bed. The Carefit-4000 Bed can be delivered anywhere in India free of cost and also carries One year On-Site warranty service from the company.

The other newly launched bed for Nuga bed lovers is Carefit-4500. It consists of 5 pieces of original tourmanium stone rollers set for the spine therapy & a set of 192 tourmanium stones for the leg side part. It also consists of two attachments namely 3 ball & 9 ball. Rest of the features are similar to Carefit-4000 bed.

The latest rolling masage bed which is named as Carefit-5000 is having all the latest features which one will like to have in the bed. It is the most luxurious & heavy duty bed with its GW of 100 Kg which is almost double the GW of other beds available in India. It has a set of 9 original jade stone rollers set for the the most comfortable spine therapy. The lower side is having another set of 4 original jade stone rollers set. The Carefit bed is also equipped with the added functionalities of Carbon Fiber panels. It has 2 attachments with more number of jade stones namely 5 jade ball & 15 jade ball projector. The purpose is to increase the amount & concentration of miraculous far infrared rays with the help of more jade stones & more carbon fibers. It is also having USB music player to listen to songs. One can also take the therapy in Half-Sitting position with the help of its Auto-Lift motor which raises the back portion with single press on its lcd remote. Overall, the bed provides the most relaxing therapy benefits to everyone. Paralytics patients & old age people feel more easy to use this bed.

There are many more Carefit equipments which are equipped with advanced features at very affordable prices for most relaxing therapy benefits. Definitly, Carefit are the BEST BUY THERMAL MASSAGE BEDS with a distributor price tag, latest features & direct service support from CAREFIT INDIA. These devices give the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY to everyone.

CAREFIT devices are natural, effective, safe & drug-free and it may be the best alternative healthcare approach you have been searching for. Afterall, no on wish to spend more when something better is available at no extra costs.

You can also order in other curries like UK Pound, US Dollar, Euro etc in our website.

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