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Jan 02, 2015

Daily Digest - 06

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Portable 12V Air Conditioner - Cheap & Easy!

The 'Aircon+E' is similar to a fan that uses thermo-element technology, so when it really works with electricity, it cools like an air-conditioner. Read more... ›

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Kayal Picture Actress Rakshitha aka Anandhi Latest Stills

Swetha was born in Warangal, AP, India. DOB: 31st Mar, 1984. Swetha later was popular with the name Rakshita... Read more... ›

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Without Internet, now connect with the world through pocket

Lantern is a pocket-sized device designed to bring connectivity to those without ... portable library that constantly receives free-data from space..Read more ›

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Innovative Medical Tool To Generate New Skin

The ReSkin gadget is an innovative medical device that may aid victims make healing faster with the help of skin grafts. Practically, stem cells are harvested and then made to grow as skin dermis.. Read more ›

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Enjoy A Healthy Snack With Your Imaginations Taste

Set to mimic, designed by Sorina Răsteanu is a group of wise kitchenware that recreates tastes and smells of your meals to your imagination... Read more ›

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Do you know me? Guess!

Oscar Award as Best Actress in Silver Linings She is 22 & its her first Oscar to win & was nominated in for Best Actress... Read more ›

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