[NH] Who is Muhammad!!!!!!!!


Who is Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Who is Muhammad that is followed by more than one billion Muslims?
Is he a venerable scientist?
Is he a popular prince?
Is he a sophisticated Prime Minister ?
Is he a fair king?
The answer is
He is greater than all of those
He is the Messenger of Allah
Muhammad received the message from Allah 1400 years ago to call all
mankind to follow the true bath, no matter where or when; no matter
white or black, his message is for all.
His message is the last and the lasting one, no messenger will come
after him, he is the last Messenger.


Who is Muhammad?
Is he a terrorist, as said by the Western media, or is he the brave
warrior who won most of his battles against the enemies of Islam, or
is he the genius who resolved all cases and troubles between the
He is the one who protected our Rights.
He protected men's, women's and children rights
He protected the relations between neighbors
He established the relationship between Muslims and Non-Muslims .
He organized the relationship between the members of the family
showing the duties towards the parents
He prevented injustice and called for justice, love, togetherness and
cooperation for the best.
He called for helping the needy, visiting the patients, love and
exchanging advises between people.
He prohibited bad manners such as steeling, lying, and murdering .
He is the one who changed our lives and manners to the best .
A Muslim doesn't steal
A Muslim doesn't lie
A Muslim doesn't drink alcohol.
A Muslim doesn't commit adultery
A Muslim doesn't cheat
A Muslim doesn't kill innocent people
A Muslim doesn't harm his neighbors
A Muslim obeys his parents and helps them
A Muslim is kind to young and elderly people, to women and to weak
A Muslim doesn't torture humans or even animals
A Muslim loves his wife and takes care of his children and show mercy
towards them until the last day of his life.
A Muslim's relationship towards his children never stops even when
they become adults
He is Muhammad (PBUH)
Did you know why all Muslims love Muhammad (PBUH)?
Did you know what does Muhammad mean for Muslims?
Every Muslim loves Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than himself and
more than everything in his life.
Before judging a person be neutral and:
1-Listen to this person, and follow his doings.
2-Compare his ideas and teachings with what is acceptable to the mind
and heart.
3-If you think that his thoughts are right, compare them with his
doings; is he applying his teachings?
4-If he is applying his teachings and sayings, so he is for sure
and one must believe him.
At the end you will get a clear answer for all confusing questions
you will know for sure :
who Muhammad really is



thanks a lot.

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