[NH] Rye Health Benefits

Rye Health Benefits:

Rye is one of the cereal grains that are very similar to wheat cereal
grains, and longer in size and slender than wheat grains. Generally,
Rye grains are greenish gray and brownish yellow in color as per the
variety, and have very deep and strong nourishing taste and the
presence of gluten makes rye compact that also lowers elasticity of
the same. Rye is botanically known as Secale Cereale, and this rye
cereal grains are available in the form cracked grains and whole
grains throughout the year. The major commercial producers of rye
cereals are Canada, Russia, Denmark, China, Poland and it is also
cultivated commercially in European and Western countries, including
United States of America.

Foods are prepared using whole or cracked rye cereal grains, are
enriched with nutritional benefits with good taste and generally
available in U S market all round the year. Rye cereals comprises of
carbohydrates, proteins, and rich content of dietary fiber, and
minerals like magnesium, sodium, manganese, phosphorus, and fatty
acids, amino acids and phytonutrients like lignan, all contribute to
promote better health and prevent various health benefits.

Rye Health Benefits include; due to the presence of polysaccharides
that are non cellulose in nature, water retaining capacity, and rich
content of dietary fiber, rye cereal foods promote weight loss and it
is helpful for the people who want to lose weight. The presence of
soluble and insoluble fiber helps to enhance insulin sensitivity and
reduces triglycerides levels in the blood and prevents the formation
of gallstones as per the Gastroenterologists and nutritionists. The
presence of magnesium and calcium which acts as co factor for the
production enzymes such as glucagon like peptide, insulinotropic
polypeptide which regulates secretion of insulin, thereby whole rye
cereal foods are recommended for diabetics, as it controls and
prevents type-2-diabetes effectively.

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