[NH] Affordable Reiki Master training offered in several cities.

An abundance of Reiki Master/teachers are needed as more and more people become

interested in natural healing modalities.

Healing Today has provided Reiki training since 1999. The Reiki Master (level 3)
classes are offered to anyone who has completed level 1 and level 2.


The level 3 class in Traditional Usui Reiki is the Reiki Master/Teacher level. At this class the student is taught how to pass attunements to others and the basics for teaching Reiki to others. The class is always small for individual instruction.

The complete level 3 class is only $175. This includes class work, handouts, and
certificate. The classes are all inclusive and at the end of the day you will
receive your certificate.


Atlanta; http://healingtoday.com/classes.ga.htm

Tampa Bay area; http://healingtoday.com/classes.htm

Nashville; http://healingtoday.com/classes.tn.htm

Charlotte: http://healingtoday.com/classes.pr.htm


Chicago; http://healingtoday.com/classes.usa.htm


Reiki Home Study Courses are also available. Please see website.


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