[NH] Fasting Health Benefits

Fasting Health Benefits;

Fasting is the process of self-healing, Fasting is recognized as self-
healing process for the body not only in Traditional Ayurveda system
of medicine but also in Western Medicine, by the famous Dr Philippus
Paracelsus. Fasting or deprived of taking food except water from dawn
to dusk is believed to have spiritual benefits, besides health
benefits, as per ancient religions, since ancient times. Recently,
Medical Research is also proved the health benefits of fasting and it
could be termed as "Fasting is Best Medicine".

In general, most of the peoples are accustomed to take refined foods,
processed foods and fast foods in their diet as part of their life
style. As these foods are unhealthy, toxic substances and fat
substances are accumulated in the body. In order to clean up the body
internally, fasting is recommended by the Doctors. Diabetics, Heart
patients, and people suffering from hypertension and other patient
should consult their Doctors before observing fasting. However,
healthy people could take fasting with the advice of their Doctors.
Doctors would decide how to fast, when to fast, duration of fasting
for healthy people.

Here we discuss fasting health benefits that includes; during fasting
adequate water and lemon juice mixed with honey should be taken 4 or 6
times per day, as per Health Care Experts, to keep the body hydrated.
Fasting helps for weight loss, as fasting sets in the process of
ketosis. During fasting body breaks down fat reserves, thereby
eliminates toxic substances from the body. Digestive system is
refreshed as fasting process cleanse up digestive system and provides
rest during fasting. Fasting is likely to reduce the inflammation
caused due to rheumatoid arthritis. Fasting reduces pedal edema and
swelling and dries up excess fluid accumulation in the body.

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