[NH] Acai Berries Nutritional Benefits for Weight Loss

Acai Berries Nutritional Benefits for Weight Loss

Acai berries plants are grown in the rainy forests of South America.
The acai berries plants are found in abundance in the forests of
Amazon too. Acai berries fruits are closely related to blue berries
fruits. Acai berries are the most sought after choice of berries
because it provides more health and nutritional benefits than other
berries like blue berries, cranberries, raspberries etc.., Acai
berries are considered as super food in Western countries now, for its
amazing nutritional health benefits such as Weight Loss and Heart
Health etc..,

Acai berries are found in bunches in the plants, and 2 to 3 cms in
size like small grapes and rounded in shape and dark purple in color
Acai berry belongs to the family of Arecaceae and it is scientifically
called as Euterpe Oleracea. Acai berries contain high content of anti
oxidants such as anthocyanin , reseveratrol, ferulic acid, petunidin,
cyanidin-3-galactoside, delphinidin, and tannins like ellagic acid,
protocatechuic acid, epicatechin, apart from other essential vitamins,
minerals, fats, dietary fiber, carbohydrates etc.., and all these
compounds provide nutritional benefits such as, provides relief from
inflammation, eliminates free oxygen radicals, protects against
infections, slows down aging process, helpful for losing weight, and
lowers the risk of cancer disease.

Acai berries Nutritional Benefits for Weight Loss and other health
benefits include; anthocyanins found in acai berries reduce LDL
cholesterol and increase HDL Cholesterol and the presence of plant
sterols provide protection to cardio vascular system, dilate blood
vessels, prevent clotting of blood in blood vessels, prevent heart
stroke, helps to improve blood circulation thereby improving overall
cardio vascular health. The pulp of acai berries is helpful for weight
loss as it counter the negative effects of fat foods, as per the study
conducted by National Institute of Aging.

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