[NH] Best Foods for Attractive Skin

Best Foods for Attractive Skin;

Many of us have desire to have very pleasant attractive glowing skin,
especially females, and for that people spend lot of dollars for skin
creams, skin tones, and for cosmetic products all over the world.
These products are very expensive and provide fewer results. Of
course, maintaining skin care is very simple and less expensive with
following best foods. Adopting natural healthy life style, and eating
natural foods that not only make your skin beautiful but improve heart
health, elevate mood, help to lose weight. It is important to do
simple exercise, have enough sleeping hours and good diet, to get good
skin tone and texture.

In general, especially females want to have and to maintain glowing
and attractive skin without acne's, black dots and blemishes and of
course it is a dream for many teenagers and women. Skin tone and skin
health is likely to be damaged by environment pollution, air
pollution, UV rays of sun, cosmetic products, bad weather, over
stress, living in air conditioning for long hours, free oxygen
radicals and the effects of these factors could be overcome with
switching over to healthy life style and eating of healthy foods.

Let us discuss some of the best foods for attractive skin recommended
by dieticians and nutritionists; absorption and assimilation of foods
we eat is much more important for attractive skin. Getting attractive
skin starts from digestive system. Foods rich in dietary fiber such as
whole cereals and grains, garlic, asparagus, banana, allow the growth
of Lactobacillus and healthy bacteria such as bifidobacteria which
enhance immune system. Probiotics and yogurt allow good digestion,
absorption of vitamins and minerals and enhance resistance to disease
causing bacteria.

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