[NH] Recommended Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss Women

Recommended Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss Women:

Dieticians and Nutritionists recommend the following fruits and
vegetables for weight loss in women, because these fruits and veggies
are rich in microand macro nutrients and have very low calorific
content. Leafy green vegetables and fruits do not add fats and
calories and at the same time pacifies hunger, provides rich volume of
food and provides less chance for foods with high calories content and

In general, according to evidence based research, plant based foods
such as fruits and veggies prevent overeating as it is nutritionally
rich and loaded with all essential Vitamins, minerals. Generally, 2 to
3 serving's raw fruits and as snacking in between meals prevent the
consumption of processed foods and helps to control food addiction of
fast foods and processed foods, which are unhealthy, adding fats and
promote weight gain and obesity.

On an average, the American Diet recommends 7% to 8% of fruits and
veggies per day in overall diet for achieving weight loss and to
improve overall general health. Leafy green vegetables help to reduce
increased LDL cholesterol levels due to the presence of antioxidants.
Fruits that contain pectin also bring down LDL cholesterol and
increase HDL Cholesterol levels.

For details please visit;http://ideas4health.in/health-ideas/weight-

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