[NH] Top Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

Top Sources of Protein for Vegetarians:

Proteins are significant macro nutrient among all other macro
nutrients that include carbohydrates, fats, dietary fiber etc.
Proteins play major role for up keeping general health, for
maintaining muscle tone, muscle regeneration and for overall body
performance. Diet without proteins attracts many health disorders. Non-
vegetarians get their protein share from animal based foods, such as
mutton, chicken etc.

According to recommendations of USDA, women require as much as 45
grams of protein per day while men require as much as 55 grams of
protein per day. But sports personnel and pregnant women may require
more than 60 grams of protein per day. Proteins are very much
important for muscle building, to strengthen immune system, for proper
growth and for well maintenance of circulatory, respiratory systems of
the body. Plant based proteins are more beneficial for health than
animal based proteins, as it contain low calorific value, less in fat
content too.

Here we discuss top sources of protein for vegetarians that include
some of the following foods; among whole grains, cereal based foods
such as barley and quinoa are top sources for proteins. Just one cup
of quinoa gives as much as eighteen grams of protein, but generally
quinoa cereal is not available in India as it is mostly cultivated in
USA. Barley cereal is easily available in India, which is one of the
best sources of protein for vegetarians. Apart from these, whole
wheat, brown rice are also good sources of proteins for them.

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