[NH] Nutritional Benefits of Chickpeas for Weight Loss

Nutritional Benefits of Chickpeas for Weight Loss:

Chickpeas are pulses that belong to the family of Legume plants.
Chickpeas are popularly known as Garbanjo beans in the Unites States
of America. It is also called as Kabuli Chana in several countries and
the chickpeas are very popular food item in Asian Countries including
India. Chickpeas have good delicious nutty taste. Wide variety of
dishes and recipes like chana masala and curried chole etc… in India,
and falafels, hummus in Asia are prepared with chickpeas.

Chickpeas nutritional data include; it contains high content of
proteins and it is one of good source of the proteins for vegetarians.
It is enriched with iron, copper, molybdenum, phosphorous, manganese,
potassium, folates, tryptophan, antioxidants and good content of
dietary fiber. Chickpeas contain less fats and low in calories
content. Just one and half cup of semi cooked chickpeas provides as
much as 134 calories of energy.

As per the recommendation of USDA guidelines, men with active work
need 3000 calories while men with sedentary work need 2200 calories
per day and 2400 calories for women with active work while women with
inactive life style need 1800 calories per day. One and half cup of
chickpeas provides as much as twenty two grams of energy and seven
grams of protein and compensate with twenty five percent of iron, and
thirty five per cent of folates for daily requirement. The good source
of fiber in chickpeas are filling the stomach due to the absorption of
water and sending the signals to the nervous system that you became
full with diet and controls appetite. The dietary fiber releases the
hormone called as cholecystokinin that controls hunger, helps in
digestive function, improves metabolic activity and repress hunger as
per the results of study published by American Clinical Journal of

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