[NH] Pure Ghee benefits for Weight Loss

Pure Ghee benefits for Weight Loss:

Pure ghee is made out of processing the butter, when butter is boiled,
it melts in three layers that are; top layer is watery that is cleared
out, middle layer turns like thick gel yellow fluid that is known as
pure ghee which is the most popular among Indians, in other Western
Countries too, and the bottom layer is solid and milky that is also
being disposed off. In Western countries, they use butter mostly in
their dishes and cuisine but in India pure ghee is mostly used in
their dishes and cuisine to add delicious taste and flavor.

Most of the fats found in regular butter are removed during the
process of simmering, while obtaining pure ghee and the liquid present
in butter are removed during the process making ghee. Pure ghee has
better flavor, creamy and better texture than butter. As the most of
the liquid is removed, pure ghee has more than three week of storage
life at normal temperature. Pure ghee contains fewer fats and regarded
as better healthy than butter.

Let us discuss here how pure ghee benefits for weight loss and other
health benefits that include; intake of good fats are essential for
weight loss, which is present in pure ghee, and that fats pacify the
brain not to release stress hormones and appetite stimulating
hormones, also helps to improve the function of nervous system.
Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are essential for better health and
the same should be taken with balanced nutrition. In general, most of
the people think that ghee is not good for health, but pure ghee
contains short chain of saturated fatty acids that is good for health
according to nutritionists when it is consumed as per the recommended
dosage. The recommended dosage of fats is up to fifteen grams for
adults per day.

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